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Full Version: Trading this Baseball for Football!! SCANS!!
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[Image: scan0006_zpsc6d251f5.jpg]

[Image: scan0007_zpsf724f196.jpg]

[Image: scan0019_zps71f034e9.jpg]

[Image: scan0014_zps41365e14.jpg]

[Image: scan0015_zps2b9ebc18.jpg]

[Image: scan0016_zps374d0136.jpg]

[Image: scan0017_zpsc705fa98.jpg]

[Image: scan0018_zpscfbbf53c.jpg]
Offer sent
Don't have much fb but check me for the biggio and jackson
open offer sent
please cmb for the biggio patch,thank you
Check me for Manny and Strasburg
check me for Leake or USA cards...i have more football i can add
check me for the biggio if it isnt gone
I have some football I'am wanting to get rid of. I have more rc's if u are looking for somebody certain. Thanks, Ethan
PM sent on Biggio
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