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Full Version: looking for Current Penguins RCs and autos
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I'd like to trade for Penguins rookies and autos. While for the most part I don't mind using the book price..I also like to take sale of ebay into account..mainly when the price difference is great...Really just don't want to trade a 50.00 card that typically sells for 20.00-30.00 for one that sells for 10.00.IF the difference is a few bucks I don't care as much. I will gladly do that on my end too. I did move my cards to all mint just because people sometime try to use it to there advantage sometimes if I keep mine at the default..I will of course make mental adjustments (or if preferred change them in organize)if yours are listed at the default.

Mainly want Rookies of players that have always been Penguins. Ie not as interested in Kunitz RCs.

If artifacts parallels are in the system I may consider those too...they'd probably be ones I'd prefer
i have a Despres Future watch auto /999
Loaded up a Vitale auto (11-12 Crown)