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Full Version: 2 more Silhouettes for me!!
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Well the Silhouette hunt has slowed as no one seems to want to trade them and I have been doing most of my purchasing in preparation for the Expo. I've picked up a few thousand cards in the last 2 months but the only new additions to the PC are below. The Thomas is #/25 and the Staal (fresh from Panini) is #/10. If anyone has any available please let me know.

[Image: ThomasSilhouette.jpg]

[Image: StaalSilhouette.jpg]
Is that Boris' stall?

Nice stuff Stevie.
Nice stuff!!
gorgeous stuff bro, grats!
(10-13-2012, 08:34 PM)stadium sports cards Wrote: [ -> ]Is that Boris' stall?

Nice stuff Stevie.
Yuppers. As soon as he let me know it was in redemption I let him know it was number one on my list. He pulled a sweet Harper Black from Topps update the other day as well. Looks really sharp. To bad they got knocked out though. That puppy would have doubled if they made the World Series.
Amazing adds to the brilliant PC! Congrats!

Thanks guys. It seems to have staaled at the moment though as no one seems to have any for trade and the cash fund is being used to stock up for expo. If anyone has any they would like to trade by all means let me know but purchasing is in a holding pattern until after the show.
Great pickups!!!! Silhouettes are my absolute favorite cards. Congrats!!!