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Full Version: Hornets vs Bobcats preseason game tonight in north charleston,sc
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My wife randomly asked me if I wanted to go to the NBA preseason game(hornets vs bobcats) tonight because her coworker had an extra ticket and noone to go with her. I completely forgot about this game since hearing about it a while ago, so it was a nice surprise.Ben Gordon used to be my favorite player back in the day and he played a lot of minutes(didn't know he played for the bobcats). I also liked Anthony Davis game.Dude is nice. I think I might try to pick up a couple of his autos when they come out. The only ones I see on ebay are 200-300 dollars. Had a good time seeing a lot of players I only know because of fantasy leagues and NBA 2K on PS3. Oh and also my wifes coworker is hot and looked damn good tonight.