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Full Version: Panini Comes thru for a change
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Panini had sent me a replacement for a redemption I had in even though it was only 3 months and I hadn't requested it, on top of that they sent a football card and to get my redemption request open I had to send the card back to them. Today, to repay me for my troubles, they sent me a pack of 2012-13 Prestige and Hoops. I don't know if they gave me hot packs or what but from the Prestige I got a Nash Jersey Card and the Hoops had a Doc Rivers Auto. Both are up for trade if anyones interested.

[Image: 15_zps109f6de8.jpg]
Nice Doc auto
cool DOC auto... I think they knew that those two packs had something in them.... because chances of getting two inserts in two separate packs from different products is pretty hard...

forgot what card you were supposed to get for the redemption you submitted.. but I think that is an ok replacement... the nash will not sell for that much... the DOC, well, hard to say... but I'd say it is a reasonable price... it is not serial numbered, right? I like the note they sent with it... it gives a personnel touch to correct the error on Panini's part... +1 for Panini in this case...

I hope they throw in an extra pack and/or card when I get my Elgin Baylor Elite Black Box "status signature" card... if I ever get it... it's been a year + one month since I submitted it...
Well I had a 2011-12 Preferred PS Red Lazar Hayward auto redemption in. It wasn't a great card but it is one I needed for my set. I called to ask about the status of it, and a week later they sent me a replacement, only the replacement was some NFL Colts Running Back Delone Carter Prime Patch auto #ed to 25. I called and they told me if I wanted my Lazar Hayward Request opened back up I had to send them the Delone Carter back. So I paid to send it back to them, they reopened my Preferred Redemption Requiest and then sent me the packs to cover the shipping. I was a little disappointed when I had to return the card at my expense, but the gesture alone was enough for me let alone pulling the auto and jsy card.
I remember now.. Yes, if they gave the packs to payback for the shipping, that is good.. Hope ou get your Lazar Hayward that you need.. wish you luck.

We all want to see your set or progress soon... have you decided on what set you're going to chase next? I still don't know how this new basketball card season is going to live up to be... so I am staying away from buying boxes/packs & trying to limit my spending on cardboard.. so I can save up for a new set that catches my eye.. I still want to go after the Lakers Crown Royal cards from Preferred, but a few of the low numbers ones have gotten expensive... like Clyde Lovellett /15 for over $100... I have a few cards already, which I got at good prices... I like the Gold Standard 11-12.. I like oncard autos a lot more.. so a set that is not a sticker set.. will be the next chase...
When I made my first post on this forum and you wished me luck with the set chase I had a long way to go. I am now at 102 of 130 and I just purchased the Kareem #ed to 10 for $170 and the Larry Bird #ed to 10 is ending one Sunday or Monday on ebay. Its going for $98 I hope it doesn't go much higher. So with those two on top of the Magic and David Robinson I just got I will have almost all of the #ed to 10. My only hard ones left are
Bill Russell
Dennis Rodman
Pat Riley
Kevin Durant
John Stockton
and the James Worthy #ed to 15

theres some others #ed to 25 that may prove difficult to find but I don't think they will be as pricey as the other ones. For my next chase I think I'm going to go for a Patch auto set, maybe even auto on patch. Not sure what set or what year to go for. I'll probably scout ebay and see what looks easier. Any suggestions? I always keep my eyes peeled for your letters lol.
(10-11-2012, 05:36 PM)vgqv Wrote: [ -> ]Nice Doc auto
Thanks, you know any celtics fans that would be interested?
Nice doc
(10-12-2012, 08:39 AM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]Nice doc
Thanks, I'm not a big celtics fan, but he is definitely a great coach!