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Full Version: Would you pay $200 for a SPA 08-09 ANDREW BYNUM "letter"
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One of the "letters" showed up that I need for my Andrew Bynum "letters" collection for the 2006-07 SP Authentic Varsity "Fullname" series set...

Starting bid $209.99 + .99 shipping.... reference: ebay # 261110089992

Would you pay this amount if you were collecting these set? What is the highest you would pay for an autograph Bynum letter card with print run of /5...??

I never paid over $100 for a "fullname letter".... The card I need is letter "N", which is NOT a 1/1 card... so why is the seller asking for such a high price...??

I offered $100, thinking I can get a quick acceptance for best offer, but was automatically turned down.... I do not think anybody else will buy this card, because I have a good majority of the letters. I have a bunch of duplicates of these "letters" so it would be hard for anybody else to collect the fullname set....

[Image: BYNUMLETTERS_zpsa4f2fccd.jpg]

below are the "Cityname" versions, which are all 1/1's...
[Image: BYNUM_cityname_zpsceaebfd7.jpg]
if completing the set is important to you, yes. but normally buying one, absolutely no.
I think the most I paid for a SPA 08-09 "CITYNAME" 1/1 was $160 & that was because couple guys jumped up the price within the last seconds....

I am passing on the high price..

I am hoping the seller sees that I tried to send an offer, but was declined.. I know he can see the cards I have, since I threw it on the bay with a very high price knowing nobody will buy it... I was trying to pull other collectors out from hiding that might have the missing letters...

another collector last year had a letter "Y" fullname /5 for $300... don't think the seller ever sold it, but don't see it tonight, when I looked on the bay.... I picked up the letter "Y" for under $60..

thanks for the replies..
$200 is way overpriced for that Bynum. Thats what I hate about collecting rare cards. If they get in the hands of someone unreasonable you're screwed Sad
(10-07-2012, 09:30 PM)pingbling23 Wrote: [ -> ]if completing the set is important to you, yes. but normally buying one, absolutely no.
Wow I remember you going after this set, and you're STILL going strong! Very nice my friend, good luck with it, and I will definitely let you know if I come across one.
I didn't think I'd chase Bynum's letters, but I was able to pick most up for reasonable prices.. the 1/1 cards were a little expensive, well most.. I wish the SV prices on ebay were the same as BV... I think I know one guy that has a couple Farmar & Bynum letters, but Beckett will not let me email him, guess his email is private.. the guy used to have them posted on his photobucket account a couple years ago, but now they are gone, he never replied to my comments or contacted me...

Debating on selling the Bynum letters for real.. I also got Luke Walton & Joe Crawford...

these letters don't come around too often...
I say, keep going! You've worked so hard thus far, you might as well finish it and enjoy your hard work. They'll pop up some day.... just gotta stick to it like you've been doing all along. But at the end of the day you gotta do what's best for you. If you don't have to sell, I say keep going, i'm cheering for you.
I may be in the minority here, but I say go for it. There are 5 of them. It's a set you're chasing. How likely is it that all five have even been pulled?

Would you be overpaying? Perhaps, but you have to weigh what is more important to you ... finishing the set or waiting X more months or years before you see another one, if you see another one.

And I guarantee you — and myself, and everybody else, LOL — would waste $200 on something else in the meantime.
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