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Full Version: SET NEEDS ANYBODY? Elite Black, Limited, SPX, ULTIMATE, CHRONOLOGY ??
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Anybody interested in the following base cards? either singles or lots?
I have a ton of duplicates that I am looking to move... sell or trade?

Send me your set needs or players? Or let me know if interested in buying/trading for a "lot".....

Elite Black Box 2010-11
Limited 2009-10
SPX 2008-09 (RC's & inserts)
Topps Signature 2008-09 (including red+ black facsimiles, & autos)
Echelon 2007-08
Chronology 2007-08
Chronology 2006-07
Ultimate 2006-07 (including legends/99, RC/autos, & Signatures)
Ultimate 2005-06

I have an extra set of both Chronology years & Ultimate 2006-07 (including Legends, excluding the auto rookies)....
Let me know what sets you are completing?? I might have some of your set needs, that I can sell cheap or trade...

I have cards of most products from 2006-07 to present... a few from 2005-06, mostly SPX, SPA, & Finest...

I'm trying to downsize my collection so I can buy a few boxes of the new products that will be coming out this upcoming season... since I am no longer in the Navy & had to take a $30K pay cut for my new job.. I am unable to buy as much basketball cards as I did in previous years...

Been looking for a better job in SOCAL, but it is tuff.. especially without a degree.. even though I have experience with Government Contracting, accounting, & finance...
jump... still have a lot of extras for the sets listed in the OP of this thread...
Please give me a look to see if I have anything I can offer you in trade. You have a handful of PC cards I'd like to trade for. Thanks!
I would be interested in any 08-09 spx you have
How much are looking for the Rodmans listed in your org? Thanks Smile