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Full Version: MOST WANTED: last 3 ITG Decades autographs
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I am looking for this last three cards from set ITG Decades 1980's autographs:

ADSI Darryl Sittler
AMJ2 Mark Johnson (Hartford)
AMM Mark Messier (Edmonton)

More cards in one transaction are welcome!!!
PayPal paying...

AMJ2 Mark Johnson (Hartford)
AMM Mark Messier (Edmonton)

Can you help me?
hello I see your collecting the itg decades autos, im collecting the team usa autos set portion of it, and I need Rob McClanahanUSA, Neal BrotenUSA, Ken MorrowUSA, Mike RamseyUSA, and Mark JohnsonUSA. If you have any extras of these that you would like to sell or know of anybody that has them please please please send them my way. thank you