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Full Version: Good week for mail!
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I picked up nine Kobe inserts for $1 a piece, nothing special, and I'm not a Kobe collector but for $1 I couldn't turn them down.

[Image: 05_zpsa2857b3b.jpg]

The rest of these I was able to grab in the last week or two and have just recently came in. The 4 on 4 fabrics are Boston/Toronto and Atlanta/Charlotte. I wonder if there are any other Olowokandi collectors...... The Magic Johnson is #ed to 10 and the Wall is #ed to 49.

[Image: 06_zpsc3aa7067.jpg]

[Image: 07_zps3707b1a5.jpg]
I like the Celtics 4v4 Smile lol and sick Wall auto.
Lol yeah that is a great addition to my 4 on 4's. I only have like 48 of 100 but I have 3 of the 4 Jordan ones that Book at $100.
I will keep a lookout cause I want the Butler auto Smile
I can't believe you haven't received it yet, did you go to and check the delivery confirm # I gave you?
Not yet lol I'm not worried.
congrats on the pick ups... keep up the chase!!

let me know if you ever run across any Farmar "letter" patches.... or SPA 06-07 "VARSITY LETTERS"...
I'm going to a card show in the morning, first one in a loonnnggg time. I will keep an eye out for your cards they'll be hard to miss.