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Full Version: In-person Autograph signing adventures: Milt Schmidt
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Great morning with the kids, out at the local card show, we went to meet #15, Milt Schmidt! A hockey hall of fame inductee, and winner of four Stanley Cups (two as a player in 1939 and 1941, and two as a GM (1970 & 1972,) with the Boston Bruins. We're glad to have had such an amazing gentleman involved in the Bruins organization for so many years...

[Image: MiltSchmidtIPA_zps23b80c99.jpg]

There were maybe a dozen folks in line ahead of us, but we were able to get through fairly quickly. Milt was nice enough to have handshakes waiting for everyone, he took a moment to pose for a photo with me and the boys, offered my oldest son (who had his team's jersey on) some on-ice advice ("Good luck kid, make sure you always wear your mouth guard!") and to finally sign a quick autograph for us. We were told that since he's 94 years old, he'll be headed south to live, and that this would be his final local appearance.

Good luck Milt, and thanks for everything!

Not sure why this is in the Sports Talk section, I wanted to post it in the card section. Sorry 'bout that, this thread can be deleted.