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Had quite a few packages waiting for me this time. Guess I splurged a little lol

Some Magic set adds - Thanks again Mike for the renewed interest lol

[Image: Sep23461_zps737b2102.jpg]
[Image: Sep23462_zps11d18c0e.jpg]

A Panini Redemption lol

[Image: Sep23463_zps6ed1d4c6.jpg]
[Image: Sep23464_zpscc7de98c.jpg]

Nice little freebie from KKG - Thanks Kel!

[Image: Sep23465_zpse31d3a18.jpg]

I traded Volsguy16 for these:

[Image: Sep23466_zps9e7face4.jpg]

And he sent me these along with them. Thanks a bunch man!

[Image: Sep23467_zps5e256541.jpg]
[Image: Sep23468_zps40a0cc73.jpg]

Traded PBeans for this little beauty:

[Image: Sep23469_zpsd024d946.jpg]

And he sent these 2 Jumbos with it. They are awesome man. Thanks a ton!!

[Image: Sep23470_zps82c0e8a2.jpg]
[Image: Sep23471_zpse6e7f724.jpg]

Some trades and purchases. Thanks to all who have traded with me!

[Image: Sep23472_zpsb1533a39.jpg]
[Image: Sep23473_zpsb710e10c.jpg]
[Image: Sep23474_zpsc8bbc922.jpg]
[Image: Sep23475_zpsc3194e72.jpg]
[Image: Sep23476_zps08501dbb.jpg]
[Image: Sep23477_zpsead33a59.jpg]
[Image: Sep23478_zpseaf06189.jpg]
[Image: Sep23479_zps2d874cd2.jpg]
[Image: Sep23480_zpsecb6afa6.jpg]

And finally my 1st Mini Helmet!!

[Image: 2012-09-23114301_zpsb9d17083.jpg]
[Image: 2012-09-23114308_zpsf64e44fd.jpg]

You splurged just a little bit... hahaha
WOW D!!! Great haul!!! That mini-helmet is a beauty Smile
Mg - yeah just a little lol

T - Thanks! Hopefully its just a start hehe
Great adds my friend. Of course I'ma little partial to the Ward gu magic. ... still looking for one of those for my PC. . Really like the mini helmet also.
Thanks Mike! Thats only the 2nd Ward I have seen and the other was 2 color. I'll be sure to snag you the next one I see Big Grin
Wow what a monster haul. That triple auto card is so amazing. Big time there.
Thanks! Best thing about the triple is the cash went to a good cause Big Grin
Unreal! Wish my maildays were that amazing!!
Thank you sir !
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