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Full Version: Panini irritating
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so i ordered a box of rookies and stars online.. get it yesterday and tore it open like a kid on christmas.. i get done and i only get 2 hits.. crappy ones to say the least and im like.. uh isnt there supposed to be ATLEAST 4? so i look.. yep it says it. I go through the cards cause maybe they stuck to another card cause ironicly im missing 2 autographs.. i TRIPLE CHECKED... no autos. So im FURIOUS about this.. and still am. I counted my packs.. i opened 22 packs.. they also shorted me 2 packs of cards. Is there anything i can actually do about this? i spend 96 bucks on a box of nothing and its real irritating. Opinions and thoughts are wanted!!
save the wrappers and upc codes and contact panini, I believe they will hook you up, I have never had to do it, so I cant help much, but I know other people have
Thats BS! Get on Panini about that!
Damn that really sucks man. I'd be freaking pissed too. I've heard in the past that card companies will send you something for the shorted hits/packs. I hope they make it right with you.
Panini's Customer Service = 1-817-983-0300

Call, and call, and call, and call, and call again.
Well, start calling on Monday.
Yeah, they'll make it right. It happens all the time. Usually Topps is MUCH worse about it than Panini though. (At least in my experience)
Have to fill out a request on there website....the ask for the number on the inside top of the box and an explanation of the problem......then you have to print a copy of the request and mail it with the box top and a receipt to the address they say and wait.....doesn't take long usually
Who did you buy the box from?
(09-22-2012, 08:48 PM)Duchovny2 Wrote: [ -> ]Who did you buy the box from?
Sounds more like a sneaky retailer. 2 hits missing and 2 packs missing? Either a misstep by Panini, or cherry picking by the dealer.

Would like also to know who you bought from before bashing Panini.
actually im not hardknocking this dealer but it was blowout cards.. ive NEVER EVER had a problem with them and the box was still wrapped. I am NOT blaming blowout for this by any means.
i hate confrontation PERIOD.. but in this situation i feel the need to until i get something for my loss. idc what it is.. i can handle crappy hits but i cant handle NOT getting them to even talk about .
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