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Full Version: My summer of collecting Part 1
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These are cards I have picked up and some pulled from packs from May til now....I sold a huge chunk of my PC to pay bills and with what was left over I picked up the following.
[Image: sept22015_zpsc53e10e9.jpg]
[Image: sept22014_zps83eceb2c.jpg]
[Image: sept22013_zps8fdd052f.jpg]
[Image: sept22012_zps106c3d3d.jpg]
[Image: sept22011_zps5e9b3f82.jpg]
[Image: sept22010_zps1e814de4.jpg]
[Image: sept22009_zps23ec5aad.jpg]
[Image: sept22008_zps3a7755dc.jpg]
[Image: sept22007_zps7e2815aa.jpg]
[Image: sept22006_zpsc1f5ff4b.jpg]

Most of these are PC...The Bowman sticker autos are for trade and I will trade the Harper Platinum toward a 2009 on card Trout auto. I have other stuff I would trade toward a Trout as well so if you have one that you want to move let me know.
nice Longoria! looks like you had a good summer...

for at least part 1 haha
check me for the taveras.