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Full Version: Grading 1992-93 Ultra Cards
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I have noticed a lot of 1992-93 Ultra cards for sale that are graded 9.5, but in my opinion a lot of the corners seems rounded. I have especially noticed this on the Jordan All-NBA and Award winners. Has anyone else noticed this? If this is common for Ultra that year how does BGS grade them so high?
not sure.

I don't remember 92-93 Ultra having too many flaws... maybe rough edges.. I do remember seeing lots of the insert cards having rounded or dinged corners back in the day... I loved Ultra when they first came out. I busted a lot of packs for the first two years... I was only 13-14 yrs old back then.. but I knew how to know if a card had rounded corners... I was very picky buying singles... that is what the other collectors & shop owners I talked to back then told me.. a card is not perfect unless it had 4 pointed corners...

It is strange seeing how many cards are BGS-9.5..... Have you checked out the BGS POP REPORT? I'd think the 1993-94 "Power in the Key" MJ is the one to get graded or to buy.. only 4 BGS-9.5

Jordan 1992-93 Ultra
ALL-NBA bgs-8.5=23 bgs-9.0=27 bgs-9.5=35 bgs-10=zero
Award winners bgs-8.5=31 bgs-9.0=45 bgs-9.5=66 bgs-10=one

All-NBA 35.4% BGS-9.5
Award Winners... 43.4% BGS-9.5

Check out the Ultra Shaq RC... bgs-9.5 has 758, which is 20.8%
bgs-10 has 9, which is 0.2%... (do you think it is worth $1,750)
you can buy a Shaq RC bgs-9.5 for $10-30 on ebay. that is a big difference!
I just picked up the 5 card set of these. All 5 cards have equally rounded corners, almost as if they were cut that way. There's a BGS 9.5 on eBay right now that looks like pretty sharp corners.
I can tell ya, on these, (is this the shaq rookie year?) they stick in packs now. I've bought from 3 different people one card shop, 2 online, don't know where they've been kept but they are very hard to get apart and some make me really scared to try and pull them apart. Sort of wish I hated this set, but I love it.