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Alright guys, I've got an idea for a collection I want to put together. I want a rookie of the year from 1976 to present day. I don't know why I picked 76 but I did. Now, of course, up until about 1990, you only have one or two options at most. When you get to Larry Johnson is where you start to get lots of options and I just don't know what direction I want to go in. Because every year before seems to be either Fleer or Topps, I wonder if I should stay with one manufacturer or if I should just go for sort of the "ultimate," of whoever from each year. Or, is this a dumb idea all together because unless I hit the lottery some time soon, 1985 and 1980 are going to go empty?
Sounds like a great idea to me! A great way to see how players and cards have evolved through the years.
The option of being one brand throughout that time's span of the NBA/ABA merger and now is not an option because Topps would be the only option until the mid 80's and then you run into Fleer being the only product. More recently you have the whole Panini being the only manufacturer since 10-11 season.... so three products minimum. Good luck, sounds fun.
I think it is a good idea for a PC...

I'd suggest to pick a True RC of each player... for the years that have multiple products.. pick a card that appeals to you... for present day RC's... pick a card that is on-card auto... might be hard for a few players.. & might be expensive... in that case, get a lower price card & upgrade the card over time, when you have excess cash to spare..

don't over do it & go into debt chasing your goal... too many times I've seen collectors have to sell off some of their PC, because they are hurting for money... I myself have been selling off some of my collection in recent months... mainly to downsize my collection, since I have about 5-6 huge rubbermade boxes filled with shoe boxes (the sports card type, not gym shoe boxes)... I say 5-6, because I have a lot of these shoe boxes sitting on the floor of my living room... for current sets i been working...

Once you start on your chase, don't forget to let us see your new additions to your collection... we are all interested in which cards you choose to add to it.... for the older cards.. I'd suggest going graded route... so you can make sure they are authentic & not fake.. even if it is a BGS-5 or what not...
I go with what jpleazme said; keep it fun and affordable.
For right now, I'm going cheap. I'm going with what I have and filling in with what I can afford. I'm thinking of going with whatever I can up to 1991 and then going with Upper Deck until Prestige in 2009-10. So for now, 1976-2012, I have 15 of 38....Not that great so far but chipping away at it.
Where's the pics at??

If you have a list of players and/or wanted cards... we Beckett Amigos, might be able to help you out... a few of us might have some cards you might be interested...

Also, are you looking for "True Rookies" ?? It gets a little complicated for new products... where you have a regular RC card, then you have parallels or auto parallels... i.e. Finest...
Going "True" Rookies. Going based on Beckett's RC. No pics yet, I want to make a display! Such a nerd like that. Here's the list:
Adrian Dantley 77-78 Topps #56
Walter Davis 78-79 Topps #10 - Got
Phil Ford 79-80 Topps #108 - Got
Larry Bird 80-81 Topps #6 (w/Magic and Dr. J)
Darrell Griffith 81-82 Topps #41
Buck Williams 86-87 Fleer #123
Terry Cummings 86-87 Fleer #20
Ralph Sampson 86-87 Fleer #97
Michael Jordan 86-87 Fleer #57
Patrick Ewing 86-87 Fleer #32
(see a pattern?)
Chuck Person 87-88 Fleer #85
Mark Jackson 88-89 Fleer #82
Mitch Richmond 89-90 Fleer #56
David Robinson 89-90 Hoops #138
Derrick Coleman 90-91 Skybox #362 - Got
Larry Johnson 91-92 Skybox #513 - Got
Shaquille O'Neal 92-93 Ultra #328 - Got
Chris Webber 93-94 Topps Gold (?) #225 - Got
Grant Hill 94-95 Collectors Choice # 219 - got
Jason Kidd 94-95 Collectors Choice #250 - Got
Damon Stoudamire 95-96 Collectors Choice #276 - Got
Allen Iverson 96-97 Collectors Choice # 301 - Got
Tim Duncan 96-97 Upper Deck #114 - Got
(Then I went to High School and it wasn't cool to collect)
Vince Carter
Elton Brand
Steve Francis
Mike Miller
Pau Gasol
Amare Stoudemire
2003 Upper Deck LeBron James Box Set #12 LeBron James/Willing and Able - Got (Doesn't count really but I bought it like a dummy)
Emeka Okafor
Chris Paul 05-06 Upper Deck RS6 - Got (Doesn't Count)
Brandon Roy
Kevin Durant 07-08 Topps Rookie Set #2 - Got (Doesn't Count)
Derrick Rose
Tyreke Evans 09-10 Prestige #204 - Got
Blake Griffin 09-10 Prestige # 201 - Got
Kyrie Irving
Michael Kidd-Gilcrist (because Anthony Davis will break a leg)
I have a bunch of Brandon Roy RC's & a Vince Carter Finest RC..
Pulled my Kyrie Prestige and got Durant UD star rookie. Have Patrick Ewing fleer coming $18.01 shipped seems good. And Derrick Rose Bowman on its way ($15 shipped on a obo). Starting to come together. Should get some cases and build my display soon.
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