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Full Version: Players you want who have no cards?
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I was flicking through the beckett search trying to see if a couple players I would like to get cards of have any and discovered they don't!

Who would everyone like to see be included for a set or two so you could collect?!?

I am hoping Miles Burris gets a RC or two this year in one of the sets. Also I would like to see Jared Veldheer and Desmond Bryant get some love too.

Anyone else got a favourite player who has been left out by all the card compines?
Chad Hall (Eagles)
O'Brien Schofield (Cardinals)
Chris Maragos (Seahawks)
Jonathan Casillas (Saints)
i have so many i cant even count.
Barry Church and Sean Lissemore
Bryan Anger!
Schofield is up there for me, too, I'd also like to see Veldheer get a card (he was a year ahead of me at high school).
Also would like to have seen a non-UW card of John Stocco.

Nice thread Shannan! There are a few for me, like James Rodgers (Jacquizz'z older bro).
Shaun Draughn, the 3rd down back for the Chiefs and of course a former Heel!
(09-16-2012, 12:45 PM)koolkellygirl Wrote: [ -> ]Nice thread Shannan! There are a few for me, like James Rodgers (Jacquizz'z older bro).
Thanks Kelly! I tend to like defensive players and the underapprciated OL guys that get no hobby love so I'm sure there is plenty more other players I could list!

I would love for a card company to make a Rookies only set made up of every player taken from Andrew Luck through to Chandler Harrish. They could tier the rookies at different levels too. Say first rounders #d/49 up to the seventh rounders #d/999. I think that would make a cool set!
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