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Full Version: UPDATE on Rookieaholic2nd....PIC
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Just got the mail when I got home from work and I saw this package waiting for me, with the RNH I sent him inside. I was going to call the NFP Friday, so lets hope we all get our cards returned.
[Image: IMAG0136.jpg]
VERY glad that you got it back, Jon! Hopefully we all can get our back, or Dave's end of the trade. This is beyond ridiculous!!!

Too bad it took all this to get any kind of response!

Hopefully i'll either get the Nuge i had traded for or my Kovalchuk Scripted Swatches back. We'll see.
Good for you, Jon! I'm not feeling too strongly that I'll see mine back & plan to proceed with filing charges on Friday- haven't heard a peep in weeks and I'm out 3 2011-12 SPA FW Auto patches I traded for a Roy / Brodeur autographed card August 2nd. Hoping others get theirs back one way or another!
Anyone else have an update on cards sent back?
Still nothing on my end. Mine was a beautiful 3 player Buffalo Sabres patch card (on of the best I have seen) that I sent. Giving it until Monday to see what happens....I am guessing he isn't sending it back because he probably already got rid of it elsewhere.....
I am sorry to hear guys hope it all works out for you puts a big black eye on trading on this site!
There are still plenty of good traders here....we can't let this guy ruin it for the rest of us. This just makes us more aware & I'm glad we can all come together when something seems out of the ordinary!

Hopefully someone else will join me in reporting him & we can get our just dues! Nobody wants things to have to come to this but you gotta do what you gotta do. For his sake i hope he can change his ways.