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Full Version: What a great final race for the 'regular season'!
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This was one of the best races of the season. What a ton of drama to end the 'season'!!! Rain delays/red flags, plus a LOT of pit strategy...
What a great way to end the 'regular season'!
Edge-of-the-seat action since the race restarted at about Lap 170 after the rain.

WOW!!! JG raced his way into the Chase!

Congrats to Bowyer for gaining those extra 3 pts. What an exciting finish overall to the 'season'! That was one of the best races to watch all season.
LMK what your thoughts are.
Yea aside from my man Newman not making the chase it was awesome! The racing was great and the fact it wasn't a wreck fest made it even better!
I agree awesome race from start to finish, although Kasey's team made a bad decision not pitting but he still made the chase. Gordon drove his butt off last night.
I watched the whole race but was so drunk I had to look on to see what happened Big Grin
Last thing I remember was Bowyer spinning around and Gordons team saying they were gonna cut his sway bar of with bolt cutters (or something like that) Then I seen they both finished 1-2, thats pretty crazy.
Glad Gordon got the last spot over Kryle!!