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Full Version: Dana Interview - GSP vs Silva getting close
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I just wanted to see if anyone else watched Dana's interview on Fuel earlier this week. One bombshell was that if GSP beats Condit then more than likely his next fight will be against Anderson Silva at a catch weight, probably 180 lbs.....and they want to host it in Cowboys Stadium!!! If they sold that out for a UFC fight that would be HUGE!!!
Lee I heard what Dana had to say, and a Dallas Stadium show would be pretty amazing. I just find it kind of curious that we are talking about this now, at a time when there are a few credible challengers at both weight classes, and not 2 years ago when both divisions were pretty much wiped out. And while this is a dream matchup, I think Silvas size will make all the difference. Thats part of the reason he is so great at 185, and part of the reason GSP is so great at 170. It does look like this fight IS going to happen tho, as long as GSP can beat Condit
perfectly said, DAN!
Yes, I think Anderson is a BIG FAVORITE here. I think at the time, two years ago, these guys were more about cementing what they had done at their weightclass....where as now it is about those 1 off chances to fight a named opponent. Also, 2 years ago GSP said if he came up to 185 he was staying there, because he would add the muscle to fight in that class. Now, a catchweight isn't too bad, and no need for him to be worried about sticking around. As fight fans I think we simply win here man, and we deserve that after the semi-cards that they have been putting on. Do you remember how December cards were loaded? Go back and look at UFC100, STACKED.....I miss those days!