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Full Version: OT: SportsItUpCards here.... Nice to be back on Beckett!
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Hello Beckett community, my name is Giovanni, also known as SportsItUpCards. I'll try to make a long story short...

I haven't been on here because my old user name wouldn't work anymore, I couldn't log in. Kept trying anf trying, so finally I just said the heck with it.

Later I was getting cards ready for grading, and logged into beckett with my old email, so I was doing my submission stuff, and then come over to the forum while I was at it. While there I noticed I was logged in with a different name... it's an old name that I totally forgot about from way back, probably from my first grading submission with beckett. Anyway, so since my old name is not working(for whatever reason), I figured i'd give this one a try, and BAM!!!

I miss this community and happy to be back. It wasn't my choice to leave, the damn thing just didn't work haha. I've spoken to a mod, and they're going to shut down the old name so I won't be breaking any Beckett rules by having two names opened. Since there was computer issues(during the whole website change) with my old user name, I don't wanna shut this old one(nba50) off, and risk having issues with the SportsItUpCards name. So my old one will be shut, and I will using this one.

Great to be back, hope to meet new people, and chat with old friends.


Welcome back, and I promise I wont make any comments about how awesome Michael Jordan Exquisite cards are Wink
(09-07-2012, 08:01 AM)crimedawg47 Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome back, and I promise I wont make any comments about how awesome Michael Jordan Exquisite cards are Wink
Word gets around......... they're AWESOME!!! Big Grin

Thanks, great to get back.

By the way, I hope everybody is doing well...... so tired last night posting I forgot my manners. Just need more sleep!

Can't wait to chat with old friends and make some new ones as well. Looking forward to seeing what you guys have been up to, and collecting now... I've started to collect Silhouettes, along with everything else I was collecting before.

Welcome back Gio!!!! We are still in a rebuilding phase on the site trying to get more traffic, ive seen alot of newer people on here the past few months and hopefully with the influx of 2 rookie classes for this years product, we can get more. This is still a great community, the best imo, and you dont have to worry to much about people trolling around and trying to start bs internet fights, the mods take care of that most of the time. I know beckett gets a bad rap on alot of other forums, but "we" are the community here and there are alot of good traders and an excellent interface here to use for trades, spread the word!!!!!
Welcome back and glad to meet you. Hopefully we'll be able to trade sometime in the future after you are all settled in.
Welcome back Gio. I will still keep my eyes out for things I think you might be interested in.
Welcome back to the boards and good to meet you also.. Looking forward to doing some trades I believe I have some Steve Francis stuff you may be interested in.
Gio what up dog!?!? It's BenMoss84!!!

Glad to have u here. Those other sites are pathetic. Beckett has always been where it's at!
Thank you so much, guys! Great to be back.

Ping: Thanks my friend, i'm excited to be back here with a great bunch of guys. I agree that this community is top notch, just haven't been able to log in. Sure they need more traffic, but the guys that are on here make this forum worth being here even though... I really miss this forum and too bad I couldn't be here all this time. I tried and tried and then just gave up. So happy that I deceided to send some cards for grading or I would never see this old name. I agree that the mods here do a great job and don't let the bs that happens on other forums slide. Great to be back, and can't wait to contribute on here.

gjpoll1: Thank you so much for the welcome, I look forward in possibly trading, and just contributing to this forum. Great to meet you and see you around the forum.

bballkm32: Hi my friend, how are you! I still remember when you did with the Baylor Exquisite card and I appreciate it very much. Thank you very much for keeping an eye out I really do appreciate it. I've also seen great looking Karl Malone cards and though of you but just couldn't come on here in the past. I hope you're doing well with everything, and hope your Malone collection is growing. Great to see you here my friend, and hope to see you around.

kevinr: Thank you so much for the welcome, it's great to meet you too. Looking forward to possibly trading or just helping out anyway I can.... Would love to see what Francis stuff you have, that would be great.

bengu: Ben!!! What's up buddy! haha long time to hear... yeah the other site can suck at times with the trouble makers that just ruin it, but go to see that beckett is as good as it's always been. I'd rather have less traffic but more quality people. The mods here do a great job so i'm confident that there's nothing but the best of the best here. People who actually love this hobby and want to have fun and meet other great collectors...

Thank you so much for the welcome, guys. It's great to be here and too bad I couldn't come here sooner, never wanted to leave, just had problems loggin in. Love you guys, and i'm glad to be part of such a great community with such a great group of true collectors, and great people. Look forward in contributing any way I can, and meet new people and catch up with old friends. Miss you guys.

Thanks again fellas, great to be back.

All the best.

welcome back GIO (penny1fan) things are much more polite and easy going here enjoy bud!
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