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Full Version: nice PC mailday w/ scan: NEW scan 10/7!
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Picked up two nice cards for the PC today!

The Michael Redd auto is tough to find in an OSU jersey, but I snagged it on the 'bay so it fits my PC great! The other card? Got it in a trade on here. Pretty nasty pickup too, IMHO Smile

[Image: ReddandMJpickups001.jpg]

Thanks for looking!
Nice stuff bro.. Congrats!!!
i love that jordan!!! what did you have to give up for it if you dont mind me asking.
Please tell me that black smudge is on the top loader. Smile Great mailday.
Very nice pc adds, congrats.
(09-04-2012, 02:18 PM)pingbling23 Wrote: [ -> ]i love that jordan!!! what did you have to give up for it if you dont mind me asking.
Thanks guys!

Gave up about $15 over bv for it in lower-bv rc cards. A D-Rose RC, a Blake rookie, Tyreke rookie-year GU piece, etc. I intentionally didn't scan the backside as well, but there is some light edging on the lower left. It's probably an 8.5 overall unless the edging hurts the corner grade down there as well. Tough to tell, even in hand. Trader was very upfront about the condition and sent scans, and it's such a nice card I did the deal!

And no worries xstream, no surface smudges Smile
dang, i wish i would have known about it lol, i would have given up some nice tyreke evans autos/patches for it lol.
very nice
nice additions!
Nice pick ups but I never understood the attraction with Soul of the Game. Bog standard design, standard foil treatment, nothing really special about it and it was fairly generously seeded. A lot of people seem to really like it but it lacks something for mine.
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