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Full Version: 2 "packs" of 2011 Finest...biggest waste of 30 bucks ever
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Well, for some reason my new LCS feels its ok to open up the mini-boxes of 2011 Finest and sell the packs individually for 15 bucks a pop....I didn't realize that's what I was buying (which is my fault I should've looked at it closer) heres what my 30 bucks bought me

Urijah Faber
Quinton Jackson
Michael Bisping
Demetrious Johnson
Jim Miller
Forrest Griffin

Refractors /888
Randy Couture
John Hathaway

Finest Moments /388
Matt Mitrione

Finest Atomic Refractor
Wanderlei Silva

ahhhhh boy did I pay the stupid tax on that one
Ouch sorry man that sucks!
(09-03-2012, 08:05 PM)ryanmo5 Wrote: [ -> ]Ouch sorry man that sucks!
ya...ya it does...and its a brand new store, so I wanna cut um some slack...but still...that's kinda bs that they open the mini-boxes and sell the packs that are clearly labled NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE
ouch! i think i need the wanderlei atomic though!
(09-03-2012, 09:00 PM)mrhurtado17 Wrote: [ -> ]ouch! i think i need the wanderlei atomic though!
make a trade with me for something else lol i'll probably just give it to you lol
Hope they are not a Topps Retailer.....because they can get in trouble for selling the packs from "mini-boxes". At least that is what I was informed at my LCS.
UGH.....sorry to hear that.