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Full Version: Redemption came in Today....should I finish this one?
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Hardy is one of those guys that I just like to watch fight.....he brings it everytime and isn't scared to stand and trade. Not one of my favorites, but like Guida, just a fun guy to watch. I am thinking about finishing this set off since it is only 3 or 4 cards. If anyone else has one of the remaining letters and wants to move it PM me.

Glad to see someone is receiving their Redemptions Smile. I was lucky and pulled a Bader, whom I collect, letter "S" last year.
Awesome....Bader is a nice one to have. I saw a couple of his on the bay....wouldn't mind doing one of the USA guys, or maybe split it up as a team, as well.
Funny thing about the card was that it was a Redemption and I received it within 2 weeks of putting in the code. Here is what it looks like:

[Image: KSCN0010.jpg]

I am still waiting on 2 Redemptions both of them are past due, one has been past due since last November, the other one just went past due a few weeks ago. A USA guy seems it would be a little easier, only 3 cards.

Yeah, this one took about a month, not bad seeing as how I am almost at 2 years for a Rashad. When he was champ for a short time they were filling the redemptions with Jones, then they stopped.....needless to say, still not filled and the value has dropped so I am scared I would get a no name in exchange. Personally I think they should send unopened boxes for replacements......but that is just me!
nice stuff guys!

(09-01-2012, 06:31 PM)mrhurtado17 Wrote: [ -> ]nice stuff guys!