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Full Version: Completed 2011 Threads Letterman's so far!
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Still need a few more, anyone?
You are the man. what a great challenge for a set! i tip my hat to you my friend they look great.
This.... Just made my day. Your letterman collection is freaking AMAZING. Very well done!!! Also, I love the avatar pic (although I may have said that before lol)
Very nice! I am working on the Ponder Threads and Lettermen set as well.
Dang man, you are killin those nameplates!!!
Another one bites the dust, waiting for the Locker Letter O that coming in and thats done.

[Image: ClydeGatesThreads.jpg]
Nice work on another nameplate set. Looks great.
Locker is now completed

[Image: JakeLockerThreads.jpg]
You're making completing nameplate sets look way too easy. Tongue Congratulations on another one.
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