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Full Version: UGH....a little Irritated!!!
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Bound to happen sooner or later. I got this in the mail today, landed it for around $8.....and it has a crease in it. The number matches the one on the posting, but card looks very nice on the there. I am guessing it got damaged in shipping. Crease is from his elbow down, beside the Auto Sticker. Nice patch....but just UGH!!!

Condit Auto Relic
Sorry to hear that, it really sucks. Even though I am not a Condit fan, that is a nice looking card.

Thanks, not a huge fan, but I think he is a solid guy. Will he beat GSP....I doubt it, but that jab...jab...jab.....jab stuff probably won't work to long if GSP decides to just stand with him. I expect GSP to get him down and work from the ground, especially since he hasn't fought in over a year.
You can't go wrong for $8, but still, it sucks that it's damaged... sorry bro.