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Full Version: Korean Zombie
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I just looked at all of his cards, and he doesn't have an Auto yet. I think either the UFC or Topps is dropping the ball here, as he is becoming very popular and needs an Auto card ASAP!!! I love me some Chan-Sung Jung!!!
Can't say i have missed him being in a set yet....but I think that its about time the "Mauler" Alexander Gustafsson gets an auto also. Knowing our luck though they would both be inserted into 2012 Bloodlines as Redemptions and we would receive them in the mail sometime around July 2017. Here is to the Korean Zombie and the Mauler in the next Auto set.....(and not a Leaf product).
agreed that both these guys NEED autos, I would also like to see James Te Huna, Joey Beltran, & Joe Rogan
Yeah, the Mauler is another one that needs one now. A lot of young guys that you can get excited about pulling because they are top 3 of their division, or getting close. The Zombie got submission of the year, a 7 second KO, and then stopped a Poirier as well. He is getting a shot at either Koch (already have his Auto) or Aldo, probably Aldo, next. Not saying he will win, but that TWISTER is sick!!!! LOL

Does Rogan really not have an Auto....I would have thought that was a no brainer by now!!!
I would also like to see shamrock in a set and maybe some "cut" autos of Evan tanner an I wish Roy Nelson would have had a sponsor patch auto with burger king