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Full Version: Question about what I found in my last Panini Rookie Anthology box
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Hey all,

Hopefully someone could shed some light on this since Ive been googeling for a few days and I've come up short. A few days back I broke a Panini Rookie Anthology box, no real big hits until i open the extra pack which turned out to hold a Stan Mikita auto with a red fabric/patch, the card was at the same time a Retierd Numbers card numberd to out of 25, but heres the kicker either im blind or it says on the back that number of the card is 6.

In my attempts to find out what it is Ive been googeling arround as I said and found some checklists and they list Mikita in the bonus autograph section however those cards are numberd around 60 and above and range from 1/1 to out of /199. Anyone got the same thing? Ill scan and upload later as im now at work.

It sounds to me like the card you have is the 11-12 Limited Retired Numbers card. A scan would help tremendously, and show off a great card for us to drool over!
I would love to hit something 1/4 that cool in my bonus packs of anthology... The boxes & packs have been good to me, but I have yet to pull 1 memorbilia card from a bonus pack. besides the crown royale rookie autos, my other 2 bonuses were a Dale Hunter men of mayhem auto & an Iginla banner season (non jersey) auto #/25... Congrats on a the sweet hit, whatever the card may be!
thanks so far =)...i think its something along that line as well its just the number on the back thats confusing to me. Pics or scans will be up later...rigth now its safely resting in a toploader.
so i took some pics...i dont have a scanner so its not the greatest quality but hopefully someone know what the card is.
Create a photobucket account and upload the pics there. Copy the IMG code and paste it into your post on the thread. Attaching it the way you have doesn't always work. For example right now I can only see the back of the card.
The card is a Leaf Limited retired numbers jersey autographed card. It was included in the bonus packs of anthology because it came in to late to go into Limited when it came out. It is serial numbered 22/25-- their is 25 copies of this card, and it is number 6 in the Retired Numbers set.
okey....thanks for the info =)
Love the info sharing and knowledge of this site.