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Full Version: Just a sad rant
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I was Ebay this morning looking at Ray Bourque cards wishing I had the money to buy all the ones I want I see a triple auto of Sakic/Roy/Bourque. The card was listed either late last night or early this morning. It was a 2010-2011 The Cup Enshrinements #/15. There was a buy it now for $200 or best offer. I think to myself I want this card on payday It should still be there since there was 29 days left for offers and I get paid on Friday. I check this afternoon and it sold for $100. I was crushed. I thought it would have stayed listed for longer and I would have paid more then $100 for that card. Just my sad rant. Oh well I guess I have to wait and see if another one becomes available.
I know that feel. I missed out on a couple of cards recently as well.
I figured the seller would atleast wait a few days to see what other offers he or she got.
Sorry you can buy it off me for more than $100

No just kidding I didn't buy it, but wanted to have some fun. Hopefully another one pops up for you!
(08-27-2012, 03:20 PM)onoxxxregretso Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry you can buy it off me for more than $100

No just kidding I didn't buy it, but wanted to have some fun. Hopefully another one pops up for you!
I'm hoping someone on the board got it and we can make out a deal. I would have picked up a sick Roy if you did get it.
I know how crappy it feels to have something slip between your fingers but take heart...with new competition from Panini, there are bound to be some SICK triple autos of those very guys coming up, especially if there's a lockout.

Plus, there are 14 other copies floating around out there with people still breaking 10-11 by the case load...that's always a comforting thought.
dAMN I thought he seriously bought it, sorry to hear man hopefully someone did pick it up and maybe another sick card will pop up before friday
Man I cannot begin to tell you how many times this has happened to me, I recently missed out on a Sedin 1/1 because I tried to be smart and put a $50 offer in instead of paying the $60 buy it now, before my offer even got looked at the card was gone...kicking myself hard over that one
If you want it bad enough, make it happen. The money will come and go, and you only live once.

(This is all within reason — don't lose your job or your house over a card ... you know what I'm saying ...)

The other thing I can recommend is that if you see a card like that, that you know you can afford in a matter of days, contact the seller and see if he will let you use the BIN feature but pay for it on payday or whatever day you guys work out.

I've done this many times, where as long as you communicate your intentions — don't just use the BIN and then leave him hanging for a week — and most importantly, follow through on it, a lot of sellers are OK with it.

Especially true with the 30-day listings (usually, sorry about this one for you) ... a lot of times those sellers are just doing it on the side, so they're in no big hurry to get paid as long as you communicate.

Worst they can say is no, which has happened to me, and you just move on.

Keep your head up, man, another one will pop up.

This happens to me all the time ... for example, I'm a Sacramento Kings (NBA) fan and have been looking for an auto card of their new draft pick, Thomas Robinson ... I see several cards that have gone for less than $40 (and many at regular, peak times), but I always seem to miss those and only see the auctions going for $50-60-70 plus ... but eventually I've always landed the one I'm looking for.

I know the feeling.....
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