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Full Version: 5 New Kovalchuks in the mail this week
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Added these to my collection this past week, still waiting on a couple other ones to show up, but wanted to show off the PS-2002 that I chased for 10 years!

[Image: KovyPS2002.jpg][Image: kovypatch15.jpg][Image: KovyPacificRC.jpg][Image: KovyUDMaskrc.jpg][Image: KovySOTT0102.jpg]

Picked up a couple of other cards from traders as well, but the ps-2002 card just has me too excited to mention them, but thanks to those I have traded with recently!
Nice adds. I may have a Kovy or 2 if you are interested.
Nice, I love the patch card.
I was just going through my cards today and I came across some Kovalchuk and Hasek cards. Nothing outstanding mostly commons and parallels. If you want when I get some spare time I can put a list together for you and you can see if you need them.
Diggin the GJ patch...Kovy's such an awesome player. I wish I collected him.
MQ and Iluvladies, let me know what you have and if you see anything you like from my Org.

Rice2, I have some dup's if you want to start Smile
Nice pick ups!!!
Very nice adds! Congrats on the huge 10 Gem Mint RC!!!

(08-29-2012, 09:13 AM)rayeates Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice adds! Congrats on the huge 10 Gem Mint RC!!!


Not technically a rc, but it is a first year card, and from my favorite product (private stock) with a print run of only 50 copies. I have wanting that sucker for a long time. Found it on ebay, from a local seller, made him an offer and he accepted for local pickup.
I got some Kovalchuk cards. Lets finalize our trade.
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