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Full Version: Who are your LEAST favorite drivers? (Another old re-visit)
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We all know who everyone likes the most, but I want to know who are your Top 5 least favorite drivers. I don't want to say 'who do you hate', but that is basically what I'm asking here. Wink

My top 5 are (in alphabetical order only):

Brad Keselowski
Denny Hamlin
Kevin Harvick
Matt Kenseth
Sam Hornish Jr.

These do change from time-to-time depending on certain situations. If I was asked this a few years ago, Stewart and Newman would've made the list.

JUST NOW Happened: Denny wins the race @ Bristol. BOOOOOOOO!

Anyway, who are your LEAST favorite drivers?
After tonight, the 17 jumps up high, but my list is:

Kurt Busch - he is not good enough to have that attitude.
Sam Hornish, Jr. - I call him the Wrecking Machine...
Matt Kenseth - jumps a spot after Bristol.
Juan Pablo Montoya - I think he's pretentious.
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. - all hype.

Just my opinion...of course, I like Tony Stewart...I expect him to be on a lot of lists.
Clint Boyer
Kevin Harvick
Jeff Gordon
Greg Biffle

These are mine in no particular order:

Juan Pablo Montoya
Kurt Busch
Brad Keselowski
David Reutimann
Matt Kenseth

lets see mine are
jimmie johnson
kurt busch
kevin harvick
juan pablo montoya
matt kenseth
What does Juan Pablo win, he is leading the balot? LoL
Ok mine are:
Kevin Harvick
Kurt Busch
Kyle Busch
Brad Keselowski
Joey Logano
1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. - I think he is hugely over-rated!!
2. Brad Keselowski - His teeth belong to a horse I think.
3. Darrell Waltrip - He is annoying as hell. I wish I never had to hear him talk again.
4. Danica Patrick - Over-rated and I hate the attention she gets for not doing a damn thing in Indy or NASCAR.
5. Jaun Pablo Montoya - Really? A jet dryer under caution? Really??? nuff said...
Thanks for all the replies. I wasn't expecting so many this fast.

BTW dunnere, I call Hornish the same thing. Seems like that's all he knows how to do right.
Kryle Busch (Hes been decent as of late, I could see him falling off my list)
Kurt Busch (best thing he ever did was flip the first lady the bird)
Brad Kesuckski
Joann Pablo Montoilet (Like a few others, he has no business in NASCAR)
Harvick (You know those people you hate but you really dont know why. But youd rip their face off if they got within a foot of you. Thats Harvick for me... Smile
And now Tony "Choke" Stewart because he throws like a lil girl. And I never noticed before Bristol, but I noticed he has a lil "fruit" in his step if you catch my drift. Which would explain his throwing like a girl...
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