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Full Version: One Ultimate Mailday!
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As most of you all know, Ultimate Memorabilia is my favorite product to chase every year. When Dr. Price was taking suggestions for inclusions in UM10 and I suggested that the addition of an autograph to the jumbo memorabilia pieces would be pretty cool. After the checklist came out I saw that Lindros was included in the Tag, Emblem Auto and Number Auto sets. Both the tag and number auto surfaced shortly after release but the emblem never showed up. It was listed as "All-Star" so I was curious to see what All-Star Jersey it was from, but it never did show up for sale.

Shortly after I posted my Ultimate Memorabilia Christmas thread this past November after UM11, I received an email with a simple question: "Would you like to add this to your collection?"

The obvious answer was of course YES! After some email difficulties, I was finally able to add this beauty to my collection:

2010-11 Ultimate Memorabilia Emblem Autograph Eric Lindros (2000 All-Star Game):

[Image: 2010-11-Ultimate-Memorabilia-Emblem-Auto.jpg]

That is just one fine card right there. A huge thank you is owed to Randy (rootntootn) for helping me add this one to my collection. I think it goes pretty nicely with this one from the same jersey:

[Image: 2008-09-UM9-Number.jpg]

As always, if you have something you think I may be interested in please feel free to send me a message.

Thanks for the look!
That all-star patch is unreal! congrats on the awesome pick ups!Smile
Holy crap that is freaking outstanding!!!
Absolutely beautiful.
Sick patches
Always love the Orange and Black cards.
Awesome patches. Congrats!!!
wow congrats on those gems
Amazing land. The all-star patch is sick. Everything you post you Lindros collection become sicker and sicker. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing what gems you can find next. Maybe some 11-12 Ultimate Collection patches!!!!!
Thanks everyone! I'm glad you all enjoy my posts. Hopefully I can round up a few more beauties before too long!
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