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Hi, bought a box of the new OPC and received this Sakic auto out of the box. It is numbered 17 0f 36 cards, also is apparently the black & white version. Has a very sweet auto on front in blue ink. Question is, I cannot find anything on this card at all. I looked through the checklists and Sakic isn't even listed for an autograph yet here it is. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


[Image: JoeSakicOPCAuto.jpg]

[Image: joesakicOPCAutoBack.jpg]

Yup OPC had a trick up there sleeve, pretty cool though
very cool for the set

black diamond does the same thing to after it is released... so you can sit back and enjoy
Great looking card, congrats
Interested if it's available. It is a facsimile auto by the way.

Pretty neat looking card. Nice pull.