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Full Version: Old contest
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I won a contest some time ago and never received the package to my surprise my neighbor had it and returned it here are a few of the basketball cards that were in it.........
[Image: asq6.jpg]
[Image: asq7.jpg]
[Image: asq2.jpg]
[Image: asq1.jpg]
[Image: asq4.jpg]
[Image: asq5.jpg]
Thoughts and comments always welcomed.......
Nice - that Aldridge is a sweet card. How long did it take your neighbor to let you know he had your cards?
love the melo and aldrige, those are some nice cards for a contes win. Smile
Congrats on the win nice melo and parker.
@taffster74 lol a long time maybe a year possibly 2 don't quite remember it has been that long ...on a good note he did get me the package.......
Glad you got it but still.... holding it for over a year? some neighbour! If I ever get one of my neigbor's mail by accident (and it has happened a few times), I put into their mail box straight away. A year? Wow.
i used to live in the house next door to me.recently,the man who lives there now gave me a blu ray that i had won.i then traded it for 120 pippen cards-
[Image: asp.jpg]