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Full Version: $howing off a big MJ pickup for a set chase...
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I have wanted this card since I was a kid.... I have it now and I am about 60 refractors from having the entire 93-94 Finest Refractors set.

[Image: 90608871-orig.jpg]

When I finnally have the refractors completed I can put them with the Base set and the Main Attraction Insert set thatI have had for some time. That will be every card that you can pull from a box of 1993-94 Topps Finest. Huh My question is if that is considered a Master Collection? If not, what is that called?
I call it a master collection thats for sure...great feat for that set!
there is a collector in Australia with the entire set of base and refractors in BGS 9.5 or PSA 10....
Thats what i call a master set!!!
But, just to have all the refractors, is a task in itself!

Thanks for the comments guys, the Refractor set has been a serious endevor for like 6 years now. The MJ is not that hard to find but the demand keeps it at the highest priced card in the set.

The scarcity of some of the SP's is what make it so fun to chase these cards. I don't want to pay $20 for a Sarunas Marciulionis card, but they go for that sometimes. I try to keep a spending limit on the star and SP cards, but when I find them for a good price sometimes or if I have the cash in hand and don't see them often enough.. I just grab it then.

I have done more international business and trades than with most set chases I have done. I have also had a few encounters with ebay sellers and traders sending me base cards and claiming they are refractors, that's always fun.
that is an awesome pick up, and that will be a great accomplishment when, not only, you put the refractor set together, but have all the cards from the product!!!!!
Nicely done! If I ever bust a box of that stuff (been wanting to for a long time!) I'll be sure to check your refractor needs Smile
Man that is a great card. That is on my want list. Congrats!
That a cool milestone. Only 60 more to go. Good luck at it!