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Full Version: K-ski TTM question
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Hi all, I heard a while back that Keselowski was autopenning all his TTMs like with the Ignite Ink. I was wondering if this is still going on with him or not? Ive got a couple of nice cards Id love to TTM him but I defenately dont want them ruined with an autopen auto. Does anybody know if this is still going on out of the K-ski camp? Any info would be aprreciated, hate to lose these cards. Big Grin

Id never trust him. He wouldnt take the time to sign cards by hand that he gets paid for. Why would he take the time to hand sign your TTM cards...?
I have one that looks legit. He did do them at one point but not anymore.
I agree. I wouldn't bother sending him any cards to get a TTM AU. If you don't get it AU'd in-person at the track or some other personal appearance, you will always question if it's real or auto-penned.
Ok, thanks guys for the imput, I do agree about it being sketchy, but as a "retail" collector its hard to come across drivers like him without giving up another PC item so I just wanted to TTM him to check him off since most of my other drivers I still need autos of dont do TTMs at all, lol. I guess Ill just bite the bullet and buy one I know is real (sure wont be a 2012 Ignite Ink though). Thanks again, I appreciate the help and imput!