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Full Version: What a Rory MacDonald Ruby Can Get You Scan HEAVY!!
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As a few of you guys know I recently took my 2010 Topps Series 4 Rory MacDonald Ruby "Rookie" and sold it on ebay. I was pretty pleased with the results as I ran an auction and it ended just under $300. Then came the fun part of deciding what to buy with that. I thought about just buying 1 or 2 cards, but decided there were too many cheaper cards that I wanted to buy, so thats what I focused on. These are the results of that.

First the card that was sold, for those that didnt get to see it...

[Image: ruby.jpg]

I will start with a good sized lot that I bought which included...
20 2012 Finest Base to finish my set
28 2012 Finest Refractors to almost finish my set
10 Finest Moments
9 Bloodlines
Plus a bunch of the relics in these scans...
I will start with some that will be for trade for sure as they are doubles

[Image: rchaelsonnenblackfinestft.jpg]

[Image: rcruzbluejumboft.jpg]

[Image: rfranklinbluejumboft.jpg]

[Image: rjonjonesfinestmatft.jpg]

[Image: rphildavisbluejumboft.jpg]

[Image: rphildavisfinestmatft.jpg]

[Image: rrashadfinestmatft.jpg]

[Image: rtitoortizfinestalmost2clr.jpg]

[Image: rtyronwoodleyfinestft.jpg]

The rest of these will probably not be ft....

[Image: rakiyamafinestgoldthreads.jpg]

[Image: randersonsilva2012finestthd.jpg]

[Image: rbenson2012finestthreads.jpg]

[Image: rchadmendesfinestjumbogold.jpg]

[Image: rchaelsonnenfinest2color.jpg]

[Image: rchaelsonnenfinestgreenmat.jpg]

[Image: rchrisweidmanfinestmat.jpg]

[Image: rchuck2012finestthreads.jpg]

[Image: rcyborgfinestbluejumbo.jpg]

[Image: rdanhendersonfinestmat.jpg]

[Image: rfabriciowerdumfinestmat.jpg]

[Image: rjdsfinestjumbomat.jpg]

[Image: rjimmillerfinestmat.jpg]

[Image: rjoshkoscheckfinestmat.jpg]

[Image: rkenflo2012finestthreads.jpg]

[Image: rkenflo2012jumbogold.jpg]

[Image: rlavarjohnsonfinestblueft.jpg]
Lavar Johnson is FT

[Image: rmayhemfinestthreads.jpg]

[Image: rmeishatatefinestthreads.jpg]

[Image: rnickdiazfinestmat.jpg]

[Image: rovereemfinestmat.jpg]

[Image: rpatbarryfinestmat.jpg]

[Image: rphildavisgoldjumbo.jpg]

[Image: rrobbielawlerfinestthreads.jpg]

[Image: rrobbielawlerjumboblue.jpg]

[Image: rtitoortizfinest2colormat.jpg]

[Image: rtravisbrownefinestthreads.jpg]

[Image: rurijah2012finestthreads.jpg]

[Image: rchadmendes2012finestauto.jpg]

[Image: rgilbertmelendezfinestauto.jpg]

[Image: rjoeybeltranmotplate.jpg]
Joey Beltran Moment of Truth Printing Plate #d 1/1

[Image: rbenhenderson2012koauto.jpg]

[Image: rconditbeltcard.jpg]

[Image: rcarloscondit2012finestauto.jpg]

[Image: rcarloscondit2012koauto.jpg]

[Image: rclayguida2012finestauto.jpg]

[Image: rclayguidarubycontenders.jpg]
#d /8

[Image: rdominickcruz2012finestauto.jpg]

[Image: rdominickcruz2012koauto.jpg]

[Image: rfrankieedgar2012koauto.jpg]

[Image: rfrankieedgarfinestjmboauto.jpg]

[Image: rdonaldcerroneleafmetalx4.jpg]
Leaf Metal Cerrone X 4

[Image: rmigueltorresbloodlinesauto.jpg]

[Image: rphildavis2012koauto.jpg]

[Image: rphildavisblackcontenders.jpg]

[Image: rurijahfaberbeltcard25.jpg]
#d /25

[Image: rurijah2012finestjumbo8-1.jpg]
#d /8

And I think thats about it, lol. I also have another melendez & condit finest autos coming in so they should be available next week ft.

I have also spent a lot of time working on my bucket.... feel free to look around at doubles that are for trade for sure here....

And/or take a look at the various auto and relic sets I am working on or some of my fighter collections here in sub-folder heaven.....
thanks for making us all jealous as usual. jerk!! jk!! pm sent
Check me for the Jon Jones mat and the Oneal Ewing Howard triple swatch in your org...thanks!
To think that you got all of those cards for a card that you had forgotten about and probably didn't think much of when you pulled it to begin with is INCREDIBLE! Now that's what I call a nice parlay! Congrats!!! Awesome stuff! I will be checking out your bucket for sure.
I like Rory, but think you did pretty awesome considering it was one card Smile
I'd say you done extremely well!