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Full Version: Carey Price 1/1 for the right Price?
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I saw this while surfing the bay. I am sure one of the Carey Price collectors would die for this:

Some rather sweet 1/1 action if I do say so myself.

very sweet card, even though im not a Price collector id love to have it!
Holy moly the price tag is a little high but still a very nice piece of work
I know of the lister and he deals strictly in The Cup stuff. He spends unreal money on cards and then sometimes flips them. I think he has a huge bankroll and plays big all the time. In my opinion, that is a bit too much for that very nice card. I do hope he gets it though. Too rich for my blood.
Ya I looked at his other listings he has to be a heavy hitter.
Yeah that guy looks like he rakes in some serious money.
pretty sweet card

but a bit over priced in my mind
That card is ridiculous!!! I agree that the price tag is too high, but he is playing the game. I would not buy it, but that's just me! Haha!