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Full Version: 2012 Goodwin Champions LeBron Red Foil Mini Hand #d/12
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Hey everybody! I am a frequent visitor to the baseball and football boards but I'm coming to the basketball collectors for this question. I just pulled this Red Foil LeBron mini from a few packs of 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions and wanted to ask for input on what kind of value people think I should put on it.

The only thing I have to go is that 2 different Jordans went for $300 and $225.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Pics of the LeBron are in my bucket.

I think it would sell in the 30-50 range, there is a 1/1 printing plate of that lebron card available on ebay right now that has 2 hours and is only at $26.
also, look at the completed listings on the 2 jordans you listed, they were purchased with the best offer option and sold for $175 and $205. be careful when looking up sell values without clicking on the auction itself. when you do a search of completed listings it only shows the bin price and not what offer was accepted.
Thanks for the heads up! And appreciate the reply!
I agree with ping's sell value range on that lbj.