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Full Version: Another Box of 2012 Inception Football some 1/1 sighting and some patchy hit
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Got some LCS store credit so passing away Saturday afternoon with a lone box of 2012 Inception

No dual RAP for me this time but some spoiler 1/1 sighting


[Image: 67E605E5-orig.jpg]

[Image: C38DEB1B-orig.jpg]

[Image: 1C6139A6-orig.jpg]

then the so called hits

looks like from a nameplate

[Image: F5D2CC1F-orig.jpg]

then this auto

[Image: E81BC5C1-orig.jpg]

then this 1/1

[Image: 7A0E4278-orig.jpg]

and some nasty patch hit

Emerald Parallel /50

[Image: 80B772D6-orig-1.jpg]

thanks for looking

Nice plate and that patch of Jenkins is sick
Agreed Jenkins patch = sick!
Oh Hakeem Big Grin lol Sick Jenkins too!
Looks like a good box to me!
sweet plate!
Much better than my breaks of inception. Congrats
Interested in the Hillman if it's available
Nice plate and patch
check me for the Jenkins if its for trade.
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