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Full Version: unopened vintage packs 80's
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spent some $ on the bay at a bargin for some unopened packs
got 16 packs TOPPS
from 1980,83,86,87,89,90
I hit some major players (ones i knew of)
Like Walter Payton, Joe Montanas, Jerry Rices, Herchshel Walkers and a Michael Irving rookie card.
[Image: football3001.jpg]
[Image: football3002.jpg]
[Image: football3004.jpg]
[Image: football3005.jpg]
[Image: football3006.jpg]
[Image: football3007.jpg]
[Image: football3009.jpg]
[Image: football3003.jpg]
[Image: football3009.jpg]
[Image: football3010.jpg]
[Image: football3008.jpg]
very nice! Love that old stuff, takes me way back when...
That's a sweet walter payton!
Hmmmm, never heard of that Payton guy.... probably wasn't any good.
Nice vintage
Nice to see the Walter Payton