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Full Version: BSB Rainbow
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This is my version of a mini Rainbow. Jersey - Emblem - Number

[Image: Propp.jpg]

[Image: Resch.jpg]

[Image: Vanbiesbrouck.jpg]

Thanks for the view. Comments welcomed.
unique and very nice.
Nice stuff!! I love the BSB stuff. I still have a ton in my bucket.
Very cool Orange and Black love. The BSB boys stuff is amazing. Just got back from vacations and ready to post mine soon.
Nice job, those emblem and number swatches are awesome!!! What are the print runs on the emblems and numbers??
The Black Versions are #'d to 9 and the Orange Version is #'d to 1.
Awesome job. Love the Propp patches.
Amazing rainbows, Mark! Congrats on completing them... even though they are the hideous Black and Orange!!! Hehe!

Who dares to call the Orange and Black (not Black and Orange) hideous. Has a gauntlet been thrown down. Wait until Randi sees my BSB posts later today.
great stuff

I enjoy watching BP play when I was little