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Full Version: looking for 11-12 UD Exclusives
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I am looking for all of your UD Exclusives, Base and YG's. Tell your friends tell your dog, I want them all.

Anyways, i do want as many of them as I can get and I normally have some better products in my ORG.

Let me know what you have and if you dont see what you want in my org i can try to find something for you.

Finished the Regular UD Set all 500.
Now going Hardcore for these Exclusives. Please. LMK if you have any.
I have the Steven Stamkos Exclusives #17/100 for trade. I am looking for Jaroslav Halak in return... but I will look at bait too.

I have the Martin st.louis spectrum 01/10. I'm only looking for Neil,vermette(sens only),mcginn, or nice current sens stuff! Lmk
i have zetterberg spectrum /10
But my dog is not a collector...
(08-17-2012, 10:00 PM)dam1057 Wrote: [ -> ]But my dog is not a collector...
Hey its worth a try?
Offer Sent
My dogs are on the couch with me right now...I told them but they just gave me a funny look and put their head back down....of course there are only a few key words to get a reaction out of them and UD exclusives is not one of them....maybe yelling LET'S GO!!!!!!....or a reference to food walk, going outside to...well you know or play.....
Funny enough they know when some one is cutting broccoli has them barking too...for some reason they love broccoli

Well if I do come across any I will add them to my org.
I have 29 in my organize.
I have Andrew Burrows that I know of. May have another 1 or 2 also. Just send me over and offer if interested.
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