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Full Version: Finally got my 1/1 for this small Roy set!
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Although the Superlative set has a ton of 1/1s, I was able to finsh off a very small set.

2009-10 ITG Superlative Game Used Jerseys Silver #GUJ40 Patrick Roy
[Image: 2009-10ITGSuperlativeGameUsedJerseysSilv...ickRoy.jpg]

2009-10 ITG Superlative Game Used Jerseys Gold #GUJ40 Patrick Roy
[Image: 2009-10ITGSuperlativeGameUsedJerseysGold...ickRoy.jpg]

2009-10 ITG Superlative Game Used Jerseys Onyx #GUJ40 Patrick Roy
[Image: 2009-10ITGSuperlativeGameUsedJerseysOnyx...ickRoy.jpg]
SWEET!!!! very nice Roy cards and congrats on the 1/1!!!
Great find! Gotta respect a Patrick Roy collector. Between the competition & pricing, he's a tough player to collect.....Congrats!
Amazing! Congrats on the brilliant completion!

As always I love seeing your new additions!

Also, always happy to see they are not BTP Smile
Nice cards, 1/1 always make me happy.
Great job. Congrats on your mini Rainbow.
Thanks for the replies everyone. I have three sets that I am trying to focus on 2008-09 and 2009-10 UD Black and 2009-10 Superlative. Although none of these sets are going to be easy to find or cheap, I am still trying. Even though someone here has a 1/1 from UD Black that I need. [Image: sterb029.gif]

Thanks for all of the great responses.

Not sure what the emoticon has to do with it but I liked it.
wow congrats

I have one nice Superlative patch that I enjoy looking at