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Full Version: Vintage Beehive cards...
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Hey everyone, too early in the morning to get the scanner warmed up but I found a bunch of 1945-64 Beehive cards. The only problem is that someone has written their name on the back - upper right hand corner. What should I expect this to do to the value? I know it hurts it but how much exactly would it decrease?
I have heard that any writing on the card drops the grade to a 4-VgEx automatically. Take that into accord and detract it from the condition of the card. So if the card is 10-Pristine and has writing on it, it drops to a 4-VgEx. If you can call it an 8-NmMt without the writing, I would call it a 2.5-G/Vg with it. Just my opinion, but I cannot grade cards! Hope that you can get some true answers. And I am sure that we all would love to see the scans!

Agree with above comment but I would still love to see scans PLEASE ty good find btw
great find those are hard to find in good condition
If you really like them, then the writing should not matter. You have a trove of vintage stuff that is very cool.
They actually arent mine, somebody wanted his collection appraised and I said I would take a look. Most of his cards were pro-set and score but these were hidden at the bottom of a box. Judging by ebay sales most were only $5 cards. Still really cool.
i would love to see the scans of the hidden gems