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Full Version: 1 box of gold standard with pic of hit ( lebron , david robinson)
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I didn't like most of the cards but I got a couple cards

A lin base that somehow sells

A Lebron platinum base 3/10 that can get a pretty penny

[Image: IMG_0978.jpg]

The big hit
David Robinson Private Signing on Card Auto!

[Image: IMG_0979.jpg]

I just wish I knew the print. Idk if I want to sell so I can buy another box or keep it because it so cool
Nice DROB, great pull
Nice james
I would keep it. Those seem to be a tough pull and your next box may be a complete dud. I would also keep that James. I think /10 are selling for well over a hundred but I would assume if he wins a few more titles these low numbered cards will be worth a lot more.
I would keep that D.Robinson. I wish they were serialized..

hurry & sell that Lin base card... The Lebron.. that's a tough one... I'd say sell it if you can get the right amount..

I love those base cards!! I just wish that Panini would of used a print run of /99 for the base cards instead of a high number for a high-end product...