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Full Version: Welcome the newest edition to the Rainbow family - 2011/12 Titanium
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[Image: 2011-12Titanium.jpg]

Ruby /99
[Image: 2011-12TitaniumSpectrumRuby99.jpg]

Gold /10
[Image: 2011-12TitaniumSpectrumGold10.jpg]

Game Worn Gear Maroon & White
[Image: 2011-12TitaniumGameWornGearMaroonSwatch.jpg]
[Image: 2011-12TitaniumGameWornGearWhiteSwatch.jpg]

Game Worn Gear Prime /50 (2 Color & 3 Color)
[Image: 2011-12TitaniumGameWornGearPrime502Color.jpg]
[Image: 2011-12TitaniumGameWornGearPrime503Color.jpg]

Game Worn Gear Patch /25
[Image: 2011-12TitaniumGameWornGearPatch25.jpg]

Game Worn Gear Auto /50
[Image: 2011-12TitaniumGameWornGearAutographs50.jpg]

Game Worn Gear Prime Auto /25
[Image: 2011-12TitaniumGameWornGearPrimeAutographs25.jpg]

-----------More to follow after this brief message-------------------------
Game Worn Gear Patch Auto /15
[Image: 2011-12TitaniumGameWornGearPatchAutograph15.jpg]

Dual Game Worn Gear /300
[Image: 2011-12TitaniumGameWornGearDualMemorabilia300.jpg]

Dual Game Worn Gear Prime /50
[Image: 2011-12TitaniumGameWornGearDualPrime50.jpg]

Dual Game Worn Gear Patches /25
[Image: 2011-12TitaniumGameWornGearDualPatches15.jpg]

Saving the best for last...............

Quad Memorabilia /25 (First O'Reilly Fight Strap card)
[Image: 2011-12TitaniumQuadMemorabilia25.jpg]

Thanks for looking. Comments are always welcome.
Absolutely nasty. I'm guessing that was at least as fun to put together as it is to look at, jeez. The Quad Mem Prime swatch? Drooool.
Great stuff! The Titanium Quads are nice, did he have a Quad auto?
Wow! You are a rainbow monster! Haha! Amazing PC adds! Congrats!

Stunning rainbow. Talk about having all your bases (or pucks) covered. Wow....
Very thorough. Awesome!
(08-16-2012, 06:10 AM)androsfl Wrote: [ -> ]Great stuff! The Titanium Quads are nice, did he have a Quad auto?
No and thank goodness. Cannot imagine what it would have cost. Thanks for the comments.
Thanks for all the kind words. If anyone sees low numbered O'Reilly cards, let me know. Need Score French Back, Score Black, OPC Blank Backs, 1/1s.
An excellent accomplishment - congrats!!!
wow amazing rainbow

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