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Full Version: Random breaks since I was last here....
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Picked these up here and there since I was last on here. Been busy working and taking care of me kids, and I don't use the computer much anymore. Anyway, stuff is open for trade if anyone is interested. Alex Green is #ed to 5, Sanchez is #ed to 10, and the Matthews is #ed to 30.

[Image: SCAN0029.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0030.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0031.jpg]

Not a whole lot, but all new to me. Thanks for the look.
Nice rolando !
sweet Clay Smile
Very nice Urlacher Wink
Thanks for the look fellas, kinda missed it here. They are available if interested.
Nice pickups... im interested in the Hines Ward. Let me know what your looking for.
I don't know why, but Crown Royale is always my favorite looking product. :-)
Clay Matthews is pretty sweet all in all looks good!
what do you want for the robinson?
Can you check for the clay please?
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