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Full Version: 1 box of 2010 Limited. Case Hit?
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Busted a box of 2010 Limited.
[Image: CIMG8475.jpg]

I think I pulled a case hit. Here are all the goods:
[Image: CIMG8476.jpg][Image: CIMG8477.jpg]
Deron is SP to 49

[Image: CIMG8478.jpg]

Patch /25
[Image: CIMG8479.jpg]

and I think I pulled the case hit:
[Image: CIMG8480.jpg]
Demarcus Cousins Patch Auto Rookie /10
[Image: CIMG8481.jpg]

Sweet Cuz.
(08-12-2012, 08:56 AM)mtadams2 Wrote: [ -> ]Sweet Cuz.
Thank! I think Cuz is the 2nd or 3rd best rookie in that year draft!
Sick cousins