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Full Version: National PC - Franchises
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This was the 1st time I was able to pickup 6 at any show. And all from one series of the Franchises collection. Could have picked up more but the wallet was running dry. I am still looking to trade or buy the ones listed in my want list. On with the show.

Barn Burners #WBB09 Yzerman (1 of 50)
[Image: WBB09.jpg]

Double Memorabilia #WDM15 Sawchuk (1 0f 60)
[Image: WDM15.jpg]

Forever Rivals #WFR02 Mosienko/Abel (1 of 50)
[Image: WFR02.jpg]

Memorabilia #WSM02 Crozier (1 of 70)
[Image: WSM02.jpg]

Memorabilia #WSM11 Gardiner (1 of 70)
[Image: WSM11.jpg]

Teammates #WTM10 Sawchuk/Delvecchio (1 of 60)
[Image: TM10.jpg]
Insane! Love those Sawchuk cards! Congrats on the huge finds!

Awesome stuff!!
nice pick ups
great pick ups

loving all those vintage mem

I take it National was a great time for you