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Full Version: Set Building Question
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In your opinion if you were to build one set a year, which would it be. I am looking for a strong base set. In baseball I like topps, in hockey im kinda torn. I originally wanted to do Upper Deck. But now i am thinking maybe OPC. Upper Deck obviously would be more money with the Young Guns but i already own the RNH, Hagelin and Landeskog. I want something affordable and able to look at for years and get a nice look at hockey that year. I am building these for my yet to be born child each year until he/she is able to collect on their own. Any and all opinions are greatly appreciated.
I would say modern OPC because it's so fun to do...but starting in 2007-08 there are two parallels for each base set so they are massive sets, and that's not counting the SPs.

Another good thing is that on the back of OPC base cards, the stats go back 10 years, whereas UD goes back only 5 (at least in 07-08 in both cases). So you'll get a better snapshot of the era with OPC. Plus I always have fun opening OPC boxes, but UD is a little more hit or miss.

OPC's parallels aren't exactly easy to find, especially the SSPs, but UD is more widely collected so overall Exclusives and HG will be tougher to track down.

Anyways, I'm doing 07-08 OPC and loving it, though it will take years and maybe decades to complete.
I'm partial to SP Authentic and Upper Deck. Seems the YG and FW RC's hold their value well. More expensive than OPC for sure, but better resale. SPA presents a nice challenge, if you're looking for that. Seems you can build UD with a case of each series
Score might be another set to consider, I like upper deck, and if your not collecting inserts then it is not to hard to complete. What ever you decide to collect unless you pull the big $ rookies, be prepared to lay out some cash.
depends on what you enjoy

for next season i would do UD1/2 and/or(depending on design and checklist of both) Score if you like that kind of sets